Welcome to our site!

We are a collection of creatives that will never fit into a specific box!

We repel any mention of corralling, containing, or confining to said box.

We don’t sit quietly on a shelf, nor do we roost nicely with pigeons.

We are brought together through our drive to continue to ignite,

burn, and sustain that precious, miraculous spark*

that everyone may not always get, or quite understand, yet it

is what envelopes our whole being and we just can’t help it…

We love this beautifully delicious, connective adventure,

we call play, and others call work!

It’s all about telling incredible stories in endless ways!

Thank you for visiting!

* “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

~ Robin Williams


Contact us through:

email:   lanette@wheremonkeysplay.com

Where Monkeys Play (WMP) does not take unsolicited pitches from writers.